Spiritual Ascent

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Through the ages great incarnations have taken their birth to guide mankind and put us back upon the path of our spiritual ascent. Today more than ever the world needs a guiding hand, someone who can counsel us, give us comfort against the atrocities and injustices of the world. More than ever we need someone who can redeem us and lead us to spiritual enlightenment In the new millennium, the prophets foretold of a time when someone of unique spiritual magnitude would come amongst us, to heal, and make us whole again. The whole of the universe is feeling the urgency of man?s plight, and on21st March 1923 at midday, on the spring Equinox, all the planets were aligned to give their full support and powers, at that time a great spiritual incarnation took Her birth. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi came into the world at Chindawara, a town in the centre of India.

Shri Mataji?s Mission ?The only way forward for humanity is to get Self Realization, there is no other way .. It cannot be worked out at the mental level but on the spiritual level, through the heart not the head.

Sahaja Yoga is the culmination and the integration of all the scripture, of all the Deities, now all human beings? en masse? can receive their self realization through this living process, Sahaja Yoga is for the emancipation of all humanity? ?We can bring peace, joy, bliss to this world, for this we have to have our ascent, how to do it ? self realization through the awakening of the Kundalini which rises and unites with the power of God Almighty which unites the physical, mental, emotional, and finally the spiritual being within. Then the most important thing is giving this ?universal power? through Sahaja Yoga to everyone, which is for the emancipation of all humanity. This is not for one country ? this is not for one person .. this is for all of humanity? ?In Sahaja Yoga you develop a global personality which is enlightened completely by the Divine power and Love of God and then all your problems are solved on a Universal level as you become the vehicle for the Divine power to act, and you become a pure Sahaja personality?

More: http://www.blossomtimes.org/site/index.asp?pageid=131


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