Last Judgement

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“For us, in between Christ and Mahavishnu called Kalki, there is a’ Time Given’ for human beings to rectify themselves to enable them to enter the kingdom of God.  The Bible calls this “The Last Judgement”…that you will all be judged on this Earth.  This is the most important time because Sahaja Yoga (union with the Divine within) is also “The Last Judgement”… and it is the Truth. .. You are all going to be judged through Sahaja Yoga (through your Union with the Divine), whether you can enter the kingdom of God, or not. 

…between getting our Realization and entering into the kingdom of God, we can falter very much.  This is called as “Yoga Bhrasta Sthiti”, where people take to yoga (to Union), enter into the yoga (the Union), but are still enchanted by Pravuttis. 

Examples of this enchantment are an ego-oriented man, or a money-oriented man, who wants to dominate, can from a group of people, whom he will dominate with his ideas, and therefore he can go in for a fall, and the rest will go with him also in Sahaja Yoga itself.

In Sahaja Yoga (in spontaneous Union with the Divine) it is left to your freedom to understand that you have to keep to the mains; you have to keep to the growth, you have to keep to the whole and not to one person here and there, who is trying to overpower the rest.

Kalki means there are eleven powers which are guarding the beauty of Sahaja Yoga (the beauty of your union with the Divine).  Anybody who tries to play around with Sahaja Yoga is harmed very badly… danger of playing around with the Divine.

Do not try to harm others.  Do not try to take advantage of others… understand what is Truth.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1979.09.28


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