New World

March 18, 2009 at 3:06 pm | Posted in Poetry | 1 Comment
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New World

New world will be established
On our wonderful globe
New world will be created
On our planet Earth
New world will be born
On our magnificent globe
New world will blossom
On our Mother Earth
World beautiful and harmonious
World full only of Love
Divine world, exceedingly joyous
Divine world blessed by above
World only of Love and Light
World only of Joy and Peace
World of Divine Father and Mother
Word of their lovable Children
World without tears and destruction
World without pain and grief
World without undernourishment
World without diseases and lies
World without jealousy and hatred
World without selfishness and greed
World without misapprehension
World without Maya and bhoots

DIVINE will be this world and truly real
And everyone will be full only of Love

DIVINE will be life of the Oneness
Emitting care, understanding, Pure Divine Love
                                                     Pure Divine Love
                                                    Pure Divine Love

Veni Grig


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